Why Choose Us?

We are fully aware that you have choices. We’re glad you do because competition is good for all of us. There are a number of reasons why we believe we are uniquely qualified and your best choice for financial and technical resources for your business. Let us name just a few:

Consultative Approach
We help you prepare your applications for financing in a way that maximizes the probability of approval. We don’t just give you the papers and say fill them out.

Non-Prejudicial Approach
We know all projects have issues, but you don’t have to worry about the information you provide us. What you provide us won’t automatically disqualify you. Once we find out what your issues and needs are, that’s when we go to work for you.

We are business people. We’ve owned our own very successful businesses. We’ve met multi-million dollar per month payrolls, lived with the consequences of our decisions as business owners, etc. Thus, we’ve walked in your shoes. This experience helps us understand your needs just a little better and find ways to help you that others can’t.

As entrepreneurs we have experience figuring out new ways to get things done. We believe there is a way to get your project done, it’s just figuring out how.

We Do More
We have even purchased a property and resold it to our client as this was the only way to get the project done in a timely fashion. As this example shows, we’ll do more, and within reason, whatever it takes.

Se Habla Español También (We Speak Spanish Too)
We are bilingual and have helped many Latino business owners with their business and expansion projects. If you are a Latino business owner, we would be pleased to assist you in Spanish.