About Us

As entrepreneurs we understand the many business problems you face and how very alone you can feel as you search for solutions. Our focus at Access Business Development & Finance, Inc. is to help guide the small business owner to solutions that support their development and expansion objectives.

If you are an entrepreneur on the path to starting or expanding your small business and seek a guide to assist you on your journey, you have arrived at the right place. Our experience, persistence and innovative approach can help guide you to the business destination you desire. Join us and let the journey begin.

What we do?
Currently Access Business Development & Finance, Inc. provides financial and technical resources for your business in the following areas:

SBA 504 Loans
Financial Brokerage and Placement of Conventional Loans

Company History
Access Business Development & Finance, Inc., founded in June 2008, is the merger of two highly successful and respected Certified Development Companies: the Certified Development Company of Butler County, Inc. and the Certified Development Corporation of Warren County, Inc. The merger has allowed ABDF to become an even more competitive and outstanding provider of financial and technical resources for small businesses in the State of Ohio. The combination of technical and financial resources from both companies has made Access Business Development & Finance, Inc. the strongest possible business partner for you.

Mission Statement
Access Business Development & Finance, Inc. exists to guide growing small businesses on their journey of expansion and development. We will accomplish this mission by focusing our experience, persistence and innovation to the purpose of helping our clients achieve their business goals and objectives.